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Movement Motivator

Change is scary. Especially if it takes you waaaaay out of your comfort zone.

And if that comfort zone is to move only when absolutely necessary, then the thought of moving to futureproof your body is more than scary. It seems impossible.

Niki Adams is a self professed "big girl" but refuses to be put in a box because of her size. She believes that bigger people like to move too and she has developed a programme to gently start you on your way to a more wellness lifestyle.

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Resistance Bands

What a lot of fitness programmes are missing is that full range of motion or using the whole muscle from tip to tip.

With Neil on the bands, there is no where to hide as in order to get the reaction you need to do the next move, you need to take the movement right to the end and you get double the workout. The release is controlled so is working on the way back as well. 

Developed to give the flexibility needed for true functional fitness.                                                                                            

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Cardio Bounce

Using the Swiss Ball, it give support to the movement for little to no impact.

Learning how to use the ball effectively and productively, this class gets your heart pumping and your legs bouncing, not to mention your face smiling. I mean, how can you stay serious when you are bouncing on and around a ball?


After 20 years of teaching this class, Niki shows you how to give the ball your all.  

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Battle Belts

These space saving bad boys are guaranteed to work you hard and change your body composition in a matter of a few workouts. 

They come in pair so you can do them with a partner and in a handy dandy carry bag so you can do them any where! 

Pair them up with our soft shackles and door anchors and you truly have a workout anywhere you go.


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Supported Strengthening

The ball is a special piece of equipment that aids you in going further, faster than you ever thought possible.

Beith supported on the ball tells your brain that it's safe and releases the muscles to give us a full range of motion and full function of the muscle, giving us more to work with and more to succeed .



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Nordic Walking

The fastest growing outdoor activity and workout in the world! 

Using the poles to propel you into each step, Nordic Walking is dynamic and powerful, using 90% of your body and using 46% more calories than just walking.

A great way to explore the countryside around you or further afield, this 10 step programme improves your posture, your breath intake, your step efficiency and delivers an all over body workout.

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Real Clothes for Real People

We pride ourselves on quality and keeping it real. We also want to look good, no matter our size, or shape. It's why we have picked these leisure products specifically - stylish comfort - keep you moving and looking good!

Get the Right Tools for the Job

Through our research and development to improve high level training in our sport of Judo, we have developed specialised equipment that we have transcended into our home fitness programmes.

We want to make sure you have the right equipment for the job.