Nordic Walking

The fastest growing outdoor exercise and activity in the world.

Uses 90% more muscles and loses 46% more calories than just normal walking.

Join us in the most efficient and dynamic walking experience you can have.



With the lifting of Government limitations we are back!

Please book your spots and see the range of new days and times available.


*note: please could ask all returning walkers to fill out a new PAR-Q form


Nordic Walking for Corporate Employee  Wellness

20 years ago I was the Corporate Wellness Consultant for Nokia Canada and American Express Canada where I provide them with Wellness advice and activities for their employees. One of the activities, alongside the Swiss Ball classes and as office chairs was the noon time walks where staff were able to leave their desks, stretch their legs and get moving. 

The 10 steps of British Nordic Walking ensures you get the most of body in every step. Using 90% more of your whole body and outputting 46% more calories than walking without this pole technique, you will get more 'bang for your buck' in the world's fastest growing outdoor physical activity in the world.

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