Our equipment is pretty special.
We have worked hard to design equipment that is storage and travel-friendly so it can go where you can go.

We also want you to know how best to use the equipment in order to get the best possible experience. So check out these HOW TO videos to see that it works for you.

Ball Sizing & Choice
How to Anchor Your Battle Belts
How to Anchor Your Bands

Let's Move Together

As we age and our bodies change, our body requires different things and different ways of achieving physical wellness.

Using our Supportive Fitness programmes we can help you achieve those goals without the injuries and in a fun, energetic way.

If you have never done exercise before, this is the perfect starting place as we progress you through the programme, level by level achieving success the whole way.

"I thought Supported Fitness was all about rehab. Wow! It's so much more! I have found and am working muscles I never knew I had and all because of Niki & the ball."

-Lisa Lancaster


Making no noise at all this handy dandy link is essential for the Battle Belts and can be used to lengthen the Bands



No need for drilling into walls. This foam anchor shuts into a door and door frame or a hotel window to give a secure anchor point.


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